If foam is the solution, you’ll find an expert partner in Eurofoam to help you realize your plans. We have a wide array of converting technologies, processing technologies, and special measuring techniques at our disposal to bring your ideas to life.



We consider fabricating and converting foams to be our core competency. To this end, we offer a broad spectrum of mature technologies to process, machine, and finish our foams.


In the first processing stage, we offer blocks of foam for our customers to convert. But we’re also happy to tailor custom foam solutions for you that are precise down to the millimeter. These solutions range from flakes, sheets, and rolls through perfect-fit cut foams.


We offer everything from simple rectangular pieces of cut foam, to a broad range of geometric shapes, through pieces with a nubbed, pyramid-shaped surface or a specially designed surface (SMT). Our CNC cutting machines guarantee a clean, precise cut. Sheets are mainly used in the upholstery segment. Rolls of foam are cut to thicknesses of between 1.8 mm and 30 mm with widths of between 1,000 mm and 2,100 mm. The rolls are then primarily used in vehicle manufacturing as well as in the sports and textile industries.


We convert used foams into rebound foam. Thanks to its varying densities and thickness levels, the recycled material can be used for a whole host of applications, including as vibration, noise, or footfall insulation.


Converting portfolio