Eurofoam BG

Leader in the production and processing of various polyurethanes with application in the furniture industry, mattresses, packaging and technical foams.


The company

Eurofum BG was established in 2003.

It is a subsidiary of Eurofoam Europe, which is a joint venture of the two of the biggest companies engaged in the production of polyurethanes - Greiner Austria and Rectissel Belgium.

Since 2020, Eurofoum Group is 100% owned by Greiner AG.

The main offered training of Eurofonus is presented on the Bulgarian market of foam - blocks from the range of products of Eurofoum, which are cut details in the form of sheets and contour cut details according to customer sizes, templates or patterns.

We are producing cores for mattresses, mattresses, seats , elements for sofas, pillows and many more from the best produced in Europe foam types, such as Viscoelastic / memory /, EMC, Cellpur and ect.

We meet the needs of technical foams:

Filtren - for filtering liquids / treatment plants, car sinks, aquariums, etc./

Bulpren - for air filtration - air conditioners, cars, air conditioning companies, etc.

Antistatic foam EST 24 - for packaging of electronic devices and boards.

Foam for packaging, protection against impact-sensitive products.

Household foam - sponges for bath, car wash and bath.

Repren - for packaging, insulation, for sports facilities such as tatami and mats for sports.

Soundproof foam - for the bay, recording studios, etc.

The company has an office in Sofia, NPZ Gara Iskar, 5010 №1 warehouse 2 and productions in Lovech, Sliven and Sofia.

The company is equipped with high-tech equipment, which allows to use on time and quality orders of customers.

Available equipment - CNC contour cutting machines for complex parts, vertical automatic machines, carousels and horizontal cutting machines, for sheets with a thickness of 5 mm and more, gluing department, etc.


The production base Lovech is located in the Eastern Industrial Zone Lovech.

Production base Sliven is located in the central part of the city, near the bus station, in the enterprise Dekotex.

Production base Sofia is located in the refinery Gara Iskar.


The company works with polyurethane foams, which are certified in Sentipur, Europur, and tested in international recognized laboratories. For each type of product, we can provide a quality certificate upon request.

Non-combustible foams are certified by California and British Standart ( BS 5852 Crib 5). 

Polyurethanes are generally non-toxic and do not contain harmful substances. Nevertheless, the products are checked for content of heavy metals and others.