HybridPUR Yogadrops®

HybridPUR Yogadrops - flexible like you.
HybridPUR Yogadrops is the first hybrid foam. It is a new type of high-tech product - developed from the combination of a tried and tested foam and a liquid that has been specially tested for the process and which changes into elastic particles during the chemical process - the Yogadrops.
HybridPUR Yogadrops combines the comfort-determining properties of known foams in a balanced way with unusually high long-term use properties and a pronounced flexibility and cell elasticity. In addition, there is the supple handle and the new look that make “HybridPUR Yogadrops” an overall
HybridPUR Yogadrops is a high-quality mattress component that ensures an exceptional lying comfort. Because with HybridPUR Yogadrops you stay flexible.